Nongon Devlog #2

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about what’s going on in Nongon, so I’m going to do just that.

What’s Happening

My fall semester has started, so development on Nongon has slowed down considerably. I have a new game I’m working on for my senior capstone project, so currently that game has my attention more that Nongon. I still plan to finish up Nongon by the end of this year. I just need to make time to work on Nongon around my other classes now. Some things have changed about where I want Nongon to be when it’s finished, and a few things that I talked about in the first devblog aren’t happening.

Still Happening

  • MORE PLATFORMS. way more. Like, a lot more.
  • More music, I think. I shooting to have one ‘track’ for each color palette.
  • Better/tighter/smoother controls.
  • A thick coat of polish.
  • Better tutorial system. Whether that means an actual tutorial level or not, I’m not sure yet.

Not Happening

  • Story. I had really wanted to add a narrative element to this game, but It’s become more daunting as start to work on it. I also don’t feel like a narrative will add much to the core of the game, and would only serve as a way for me to say there is more content, and thus charge more for the game. Instead, I’ll work on polish, and charge less for the final release than I initially was thinking.
  • Difficulty will also not probably be happening. I’ve add a new system that lets you place a spawn point where you are standing. So I’m really putting the difficulty level in the hands of the player. This system allows the player to perform more risky maneuvers without being set back so far, if they choose. So adding distinct difficulty levels will no longer be something I’ll be adding.

So that’s it. Nothing crazy, I think. Just more of what people already seem to really be enjoying about the game.

-that guy Meat Pud aka Gage aka the one guy making Nongon