a more serious one: Dogs or Cats ;)


now why would one argue!?

And what would you argue about?

I didn’t study anything about having an argument, just experienced it a lot.
everyone has, but
I just want to argue about argument.

Okay, lets start one:

Game of Thrones or Pokemon GO!??

or we should argue about your favorite music genres.

But did you ever ponder, during an argument, whats the real reason for this argument?

You love Pokemon go and I watch game of thrones that doesn’t matter. — NO!! IT DOESN’T — that’s an argument too!

What now, we are going to make a list of the benefits of listening to our favorite music genres.

There is no reward, wining arguments like these.

It won’t make one better than the other.

Even though there is no WIN or LOSE.

Even If, I will try to make you do something just because I like it, I am not getting anything.

Why would one waste time arguing about stuff, in the end that doesn’t matter.

Why not use this much energy doing something more useful.

I use my time, thinking, instead of arguing. — or try to argue about arguing —