Day 101: of everyday writing.

This sounds like my 101 puzzles.

Well, If I start talking about indiegink101puzzles.

Then, there is nothing really to talk about.

I haven’t worked on them for almost a month now.

Been busy, preparing for my aptitude test. — Its just Maths test—

Which is in less than a week now. I am pretty much prepared. 
— Well, I think, I ‘m —

Now the thing is I just have to score above 60%.
There are 30 questions. So, I only have to solve 18 to get 60%.

Math is fun, only when you can solve the problems.

I learned some interesting stuff by solving math problems that I can use in my puzzles.

Here’s one:

To solve a problem, I have to use a set of rules in a specific order.
If a rule is used before another one, where It shouldn’t be. I will get an answer but the wrong one.

I can use this in designing puzzles, still not sure how. I’ll probably find a way.

Have a good one. I better go study.

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