I am not going to Stop Until I hit #100

Morning of May 19th, fine weather out there and I just woke up at 11:30.

I honestly don’t have anything interesting to write. Except this,


I sent an email to @SethGodin, Thanking Him for the inspiration.

Yep! I Got a reply from The Real Seth Godin.

And Now I am pumped to write #100 blogs and that would be a milestone.

But I’m not going to stop until then. The journey goes on and on.

If you are reading this and not yet started blogging, I would suggest you should. And If you don’t have anything to write(So do I ). But I write anyway.

Just always remember, You have to fail. So, the fear of failure doesn’t bother you.

Thanks for sticking around, hope to see you on the next one. ;)

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