I am ready to fail.

Woke up at 10, last night I was up late. been writing the script for #Twocolorsgame.

Now why on earth I want to fail.

No I don’t want to. but if I stay with the mindset that my game is going to be successful. this will never allow me to ship my game.

I have to publish this one and don’t have to let the fear of failure bother me.

If I fail more than You, I Win! — seth Godin

and Seth Godin is right. I have to fail, fail enough so that I fail more than anyone else than I win.

I have started writing this #DailyMee and I know there might be someone or maybe no one reading this and this should not bother me either, from writing because I’m already failing and I am ready to fail early and fail more than you do.

Quick Advice : Go ahead start your own blog too, write about anything 
be anonymous if you don't want to share your name.

And If you are already writing everyday, share the link with me. I’ll read.

Need some motivation!? then watch this 1 mint 37 seconds video of @sethgodin

Thanks for stopping by, see you in the next one.

P.S. I will be releasing my game on June 5th definitely!

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