I figured it out,

I think. After watching this talk

I was studying 3 to 4 hours continuously and by the end of day, still couldn’t cover up on one subject.

Here's what's been going wrong in my equation :

I was taking the breaks, at wrong time.

Now, average human mind can only absorb new information for about 25 mints and then it needs a 3 to 5 mint break to recharge.

Otherwise it's just passing over the head.

And I ruined my stamina by studying for hours without breaks (afraid I will be wasting time or won't get the assignments done)

I tried this technique today, I 'm focused for about 7-10 minutes then I need to recharge.

And the good thing is I can gain stamina by increasing study sessions overtime.

But it's not gonna happen overnight.

‘day 9th of journaling student life’

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