I think.

But about what?

or should I say,

I ponder




some other fancy word.

— it doesn’t matter, as of now —

as I am writing this, it reminds me of, arguing about having an argument.

I think, I am always thinking — well, most of the time — but often while walking down the street.

And today, I was thinking about thinking itself, about the thoughts that we all have through out the day.

I think, we all think of something, but are we all thinking about the negativity in our lives? or is it just me.

Maybe Its just me or may be, just maybe, we all do.

Because, we all are connected in some way, we all are humans.

— except me, I am mutant —

Sometimes I think, I am extra ordinary

or maybe everyone thinks the same.

and that makes me wonder, Why I am fantasizing, about a fancy world, where I am the super hero, that does not exist.

Why won’t I focus on, what I am , right here as writing this, in this very moment.

Wouldn’t it be better, If I start to ponder about this very self, instead of about all the other fancy thoughts.