I want to quit

but I want to get to 100 too!

Just to find out what happens after I hit the hundred.

After writing 78 — hope, that’s the right count — blogs most of them are meaningless/stupid, a few of them are good and for the rest, I feel like I am repeating the same thing over and over.

Sometimes I sense, I am not getting better.

And Its the same with my illustrations.

It all started with the 20 hours of drawing. I just wanted to get good enough to be able to draw art for my games.

Well that didn’t happen, but I happen to fall in love with the strange plus weird plus crazy(all three means the same thing, so, its three times weirdness), art that didn’t even make sense.

Anyway I decided to make 100 of them too! so, that I might get a little bit better.

I have no idea, If I will or not.

And after barging all about the things that I did or still doing, I feel like an impostor.

I have no idea, what good it might be to you, if you have read my story.

But I will keep on writing.

I wanted to give up many more times, than I could count. And after reading James Altucher, he mentioned on one of his posts —which I can’t find now — .

He wrote novels, that didn’t get publish- he says.

But in those years, he planted a seed- he said.

Which now turned into a something big. That now he has millions of readers.

I won’t quit, I don’t want to, even though sometimes I feel like I should.

Thanks for keeping up with me, see you on the next one.

High hopes!