credits : ZohaibP(yes! he is my brother)

Its the 96th one

and i still want to give up.

Not really though.

The thought, what I am writing worth no ones time to read, is bothering me for a while.

But I guess, Its okay. Its okay to write poor, as long as I am writing.

Its the only way to get better. Every day.

I don’t really want to give up now, not even after I get to # 100.

My goal is to write for as long as I can.

Sometimes, my mind is completely empty, just like now.

I don’t know what to write until I start typing.

I might not have improved in my writing much.

I know one thing though, I am more confident than I was writing the first one.

Its much easier to hit the publish button and let my thoughts flow out in the world.

“this post is merely, my random thoughts. Trying to write to hit my goal of 100 blogs of everyday writing”