Puzzle Design on Paper

for #indiegink101puzzles

Chris Deleon sends emails every Friday to his indie dev. subscribers, and I subscribed for that. where he asks, two questions; what you did last week in respect to game dev, and what are you aiming for next week.

And I mentioned, I will design some more puzzles for my game.

For some reason, I didn’t, until today.

And as I started to draw out some of the basic puzzles, I really wanted to do it with the editor, (which I already uninstalled as I’ll be sending my PC for repair, which is still with me for some reason. But I will).

So, I kept drawing on paper. Which led to several more puzzles, and eventually I ended up with something very cool, as for the puzzle mechanics.

— which I think is pretty awesome —

I will keep doing that, until I am back with my proper setup and program these puzzles, hopefully upload another prototype on Kongregate.

p.s the prev. ones are here, and here.

p.p.s you should definitely subscribe to Chris, if you are a game developer, here