Starting something new and the struggle

When we start to do something new, it feels great, confidence level 100%, but after a while it all just drains out.

Out of the blue this thought of quiting jumps in.

I used the word we, because I’m sure everyone , everyone has this moment of self doubt, wanting to give up.

If one say, that not true for me, than they never really tried to build something, new, right from the ground.

Never taken the step to make that change, the change we all want to make, that leaves a mark, a legacy.

The real question is, when that feeling kicks in, how to stay positive, on track?!

Guess that’s different for everyone, Although there must be something in common as we all get the same feeling.

Nevermind, most of this post is just based on personal whim and I just wanted to write something for today.

Anyway, have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

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