by Him

That feeling,

call it false thought; fake feeling; I call it glitch in our emotional system;

I ‘m sure we all feel it.

Its like, when working on some thing more important and just right when you are in the flow, that feeling, of not wanting to do whats important, just because of that false thought: I don’t feel like to do it now. We give up.

I have a test, in 2 days, I had 3 months (i think more) to prepare.

I procrastinated until I had one month left. Just for that feeling, of not wanting to do, this fake feeling is the reason of procrastination.

I learned this, it wont stay there forever,

It will pass with time, even if I am doing stuff that matters or I stay still. although it will be there for longer by standing still.

I call it the glitch in our emotional system, because that feeling is not real.

I wish, I didn’t have it, but its there and 
its just a feeling.