couldn’t find something better to share than indiegink101puzzles’ logo by Ghulam Mustafa

The Stanley Parable, The Beginners Guide and my new game

but first I have to finish #indiegink101puzzles

Love the narrator’s smoothing voice with British accent in The Stanley Parable. I haven’t played the full game though, just checked out the demo version of it.

And after watching the trailer of The Beginners Guide, I am thrilled to add some voice over in my new game.

The game that I mentioned here, the one that I said is going to be puzzle game.

There will be some puzzles but its going to be way more different, than any games I have ever played.

Game design is about creativity.

So, following the same pattern, making games exactly like the games that already exist, won’t bring creativity.

I will add voice acting to my game, already found my voice actor.

But there will be more, I want to make this one, more of an experience than just a game.

There is not much to share on the game, its still abstract.

I can say this, its going to be more of a conversation between the designer and the player.

Meanwhile I ‘m writing narratives and trying to figure out the game-play in my free time.

while preparing for my entrance test.

but before i fully jump on this new idea, I have to finish the 101 puzzles for indiegink101puzzles.

High hopes

See you on the next one! — and will try to share some voice acting for the game in near future — .