Why I don’t have interest in Game Development?

Remember when I said in one of my previous post, that I don’t know why I can’t focus on my game development.

I found the reason, and its because I am not interested in making games.

Here’s Why: I could not finish the casual version of #TwoColorsGame. Because while making the casual version of it, I was going for the causal way that most beginners follow.

This was my intention while starting out, Take a simple idea, make it work, add some scores like in most games, have some ads on it, and so on and then publish it, this might earn me some bucks.

But better late than never, I had that moment of self-awareness, I knew that I was not interested in making that game.

So, I stopped making that version, and then I tried to write a simple script on how the game will feel, -and I had that idea in my mind too, I knew its not for everyone. Most people might not even get it-. While writing that I had this feeling that this is how I want to make it.

Making the experimental version was fun for me, and only two people really enjoyed the game and that’s fine by me.

Because I made it the way I wanted and that’s good at-least some understood it, And That’s enough for me because I enjoyed the process for making it, in my own way.
When you are doing something that doesn’t even interests you then its not worth your time and effort.

You might have heard this phrase lots of time, “Do what you love”.

and if you are anything like me and have really no idea what you certainly love doing.

Then just do anything,

Start with something and keep doing it eventually you will find what you love in that task then keep doing that.

If I didn’t work on the first version of #TwoColorsGame, then I don’t think that I would have been able to find what I really want to do.

And the same thing happened to me while doing my daily illustrations too. Read this one if you are interested on how I found the way to enjoy doing my illustrations.

Here are the links for #TwoColorsGame if you wanna check it out for yourself:

Casual Version.

Experimental Version.

Android Version of the later version.

On foot note, I was back from my day job around 7 pm and wanted to get some sleep. Now I am glad that I didn’t go for bed and wrote this post instead. :)

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