say, hi! to my brother, on Instagram. credits for this photo to him.

Yes, I did it!

I failed 100 times

Thank you Seth Godin, for the inspiration.

Honestly, in this very moment as I ‘m writing this, I have not a single idea How I wrote the 100 blogs. All those daunting thoughts — of wanting to give-up — are faded.

Although, I remember the second morning clearly, When I woke up, my first thought was: What I am going to write. No one wants to read this.

It almost got me. I wanted to give up.

Seth’s words,

If i fail more than you, i win.

Gave me the inspiration, I needed.

I tricked my mind, by telling myself: I have to fail, I have to write poor. — literally told myself, I have to fail. —

My goal was and still is to fail until I don’t, by writing bad everyday.

I want to say this, for the rest of my life,

‘I write everyday.’

And keep on getting better every time I write.

Thanks for being a part of my journey, Love. 💚