You are a typical Communist entitlement liberal.
Betty Tucker

And you’re a typical Trumphole, who parrots only what s/he’s (assuming you’re actually female) fed by fake news sites, never actually looks for fact-based research before opening her mouth, and voted for an infantile, foul-mouthed pussy-grabber who disrespects women, insults whole races and religions, incites hate and violence in his supporters, can’t open his mouth without some obvious lie coming out of it, and is about to alienate not only his own supporters, but every ally of the US, maybe even blow up the world the first minute he gets pissed off at North Korea, Iran or Russia. Congratulations — I’ll blame you and your fellow bigots when Trump’s conflicts of interest line his pockets for 4 years, instead of “making America great again,” — something that’s already begun. I dare you to click the link.

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