Devon Tivona

Amazing read as usual, my friend. Hearing about experiences people are tweezing out of one area of their life and applying to the work they do themselves instills a deep sense of exuberance and agency in the reader to do the same. Seth Godin has a quote that goes

“Tell stories that resonate with others. You cannot prove anything to get people to do something, but you can tell them a story that gets under their skin, that resonates, that they remember.”

I also would like to point out how much I love the duality between Service and Hospitality that Bobby Stuckey points out in his talk that you linked in your article. I see obvious theoretical parallels in companies like Apple, and I’d argue that their acute attention to truly every little detail is a huge reason why they are so successful.

Lots of places do things for someone, but the places that matter are the ones that change how someone feels.

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