Ah, it sounds like a good idea in theory, but it doesn’t actually do any runtime analysis of the…
Eric Elliott

That is true. I suppose I failed to explain its feature set as it stands right now, pre version 1. It certainly doesn’t fit the bill of “zero config”, but I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say it “gives up” or “isn’t useful”.

For projects that have their own modules but lack definition files, or projects that would like to open source their TypeScript libraries, this tool provides a very nice template to get started by defining the signatures of a module’s functions. I’m not saying it perfectly solves the issue at hand, but it’s a great start (and truly a “start”, as it’s barely over a month old).

I think the intended purpose, as the library grows, is to be able to do runtime analysis for valid use-cases. I suppose the TL;DR here is that the issue is being addressed, slowly but surely :)

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