#LookInside : Tong Setan

Typical Entertaiment

It was on november the third. Me & Abram kris, a friends of mine, who has the same interest with photography went to sekaten — the most waited carnival to celebrate the birth of mohammed. Sekaten has its own nostalgic fells to its own visitor, leaving desire to come again in the next years after.

It is a carnival which unite yogyakartans, old&young,men & women, Teenager. Eventhough, We must jostle beetwen the poeple and being usual in waited for playing some attraction.

Last sekaten, was the time to executed a promise that i have made with my friends — taking photo of Tong Setan. Tong Setan is a attraction which showing an attration of riding a motorcycle in a circular wall. It’s actually not a original indonesian attraction. But somehow, it is really related with any trad carnival especially in java. Riding motor is usually the main attration of tong setan. Sometimes, it also comes with cycle riding.

We already prepared at 4 pm but it still long-waited of time. The riders are still preparing their prep for the show. We wont waste our time in doing nothing. Hence, it is a great opportunity to take photo and having conversation with the rider. In my opinion,The photos of preparation are more having story and have more kind of uniqueness of its own.

Here, what unique from the conversation that i had with them; most of them are came from district in central java — demak, probolinggo, cilcap. Doing attraction in tong stand are their jobs. After having show in jogjakarta, mostly they were going to another district & they are usuall to come back to the same place every years. Even the subject of my photo are just the same with subject of my friends photos. They also usuall with accident when they have show — falling, hitting the wire fence, even breaking the bone. It was usuall for them & they must fell it someday.

It was awsome to understand the stories behind their works & dedication to populist entertaiment. Between extreme & life-lossing, they could amused their spectator. There were no scared in their dictionary, it wasnt a value to them.

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