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3 min readJun 21, 2017

Who is behind this idea and how you got into game development?

Its just me and Wojciech Wasiak who made music and sound effects.

About 7 years ago I’d learned how to code from the internet. After making some android apps I moved to games.

Explain the game in one sentence.

Its a minimal puzzle game, where you connect lines.

What made you excited about this idea?

Prototype was cool, so I went with it :) I wanted to see how many different interconnected features I could add.

What was your biggest struggle while making this game?

I work alone. So probably staying motivated and keeping work-life balance.

How long it took you to build it? Do you think you could have finished it earlier, if so why?

It took about 7 months. I could make it faster, but I like to take my time and not rush. Some ideas need time to flourish.

What did you hope for after you’ve released the game and what actually happened?

I was hoping to earn enough money to make another game. It worked out :)

What lessons you’ve learned for future projects from this game?

That exercising and eating healthy makes work much more enjoyable ;)

How many other finished projects do you have?

There are two other premium games: oO and Hook, and many more smaller projects on kongregate and my website.

What’s the biggest advice you have for people who want to work in game development?

Watch hours of Extra Credits and GDC talks :) All the knowledge and inspiration is there!

Lastly, how video games influenced your life? How your life has changed with them?

Games have always been around. Being able to make a living by creating them is huge for me and made a big change in my life. I can do what I love and not listen to a boss, how awesome ;)

Klocki on Appstore, Google Play and Steam

Rainbow Train: Website

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