Mid-90’s Jams: a Listen to “Fourteen to One” by Broken Robots

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Kat Baker, Tony Baker, and Lonnie Phillips throw it back with their retro single, “Fourteen to One.” Channeling Beck, Sublime, and the Beastie Boys, this trio use record scratches, lo-fi samples, and a bouncy treble-heavy groove to underscore their gritty, tongue-in-cheek lyrics. “Fourteen to One” will get your head bobbing and your foot tapping. You might even get a craving for some Crystal Pepsi of get the sudden urge to give yourself frosted tips.

The music video that goes along with the song is full of fun, nostalgic filters and guides the viewer on a whirlwind heist that swings around the city of Chicago. There are so many aesthetics that call back to the 90s and early 00s, and Broken Robots manage to combine the aesthetics into something that still feels fresh and doesn’t feel like a rehash of a bygone era.

All in all, this track is well mixed, covers all its aesthetic bases, and shows off the talents of Kat, Tony, and Lonnie. You can tell that they truly enjoy making music that encourages people to both dance and think.

You can watch the music video for “Fourteen to One” here:

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Indigo Hope Finamore is a musician, songwriter, college student, and producer. They/Them

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