What is our moral and ethical responsibility to viewers and participants of our stories?

Good story is reaching beyond the boundaries of cinema.

  • Accepts that innovation has not yet been achieved in cinema.

Good story has a strength of voice.

  • The best storytelling is when the story and storyteller are connected.
  • All stories should point the roots of the story.
  • Demands self-criticism.
  • Elevates existence beyond subsistence.

Good story is participatory and not passive.

  • A film should, therefore, be neutral, both objective and subjective yet an active experience for the participants and the viewers.
  • Leaves room for the viewer’s imagination.

Good story makes a film understandable.

  • A good film is watched to be consumed.
  • There is aesthetic and psychological satisfaction. …

Yes, you can own it. You can manipulate any platform to your own design.

It’s been a few years since I’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign as a creator. The past few years, I’ve been in the background collaborating on projects. My recent shift has been towards pushing for more comprehensive strategies for my clients at Indigo Impact. I’m convinced the one-off crowdfunding campaign isn’t enough to sustain an artist’s long-term career.

We receive numerous requests from artists with an asterisk, “can it be less gauche.”

Since my early days of crowdfunding moonless and spaced I’ve developed a few sound fundraising strategies for artists, social action groups, and stand-alone projects. Indigo Impact launched at the beginning of this year to contain and disseminate those ideas. We receive numerous requests from artists with an asterisk, “can it be less gauche.” Our clients are non-conformists. Terms like “pitch,” “marketing,” “trends,” “traffic,” “data analytics,” ”promotion” and “PR” seem forced and inauthentic to their work. …

From a yoga class in San Quentin to a comprehensive impact campaign supporting justice impacted families and individuals.

In 2007, participants in my yoga class at San Quentin State Prison approached me to tell their story. With my own experience as a crime survivor and justice impacted family member they felt I could facilitate an insider’s perspective. Ten years later, the film is praised by both the community at large, justice impacted individuals, family members and loved ones.

Apple of Discord Productions’ (AODP) was started with a small team to create a feature length documentary LIFE AFTER LIFE with a specific focus to humanize men, women, and children caught in the prison system while reframing the public perception in favor of much needed reform.


Indigo Impact

A meditation on CREATIVE STRATEGIES focused on messaging, impact, engagement, audience building, and outreach. indigoimpact.co

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