The fighter

Indira George
Nov 5, 2016 · 3 min read

So this election season in America is far more exciting than any of its predecessors that we have seen lately. I am an Indian and the only time I flip through the newspaper to read about elections is to find out who won it. Nothing more, nothing less. But this election season caught India’s attention when Bobby Jindal announced his run for candidacy. Soon newspapers, social media and television went bananas and started predicting the probability of an Indian American becoming the President of the United States; which eventually came to a screeching halt when he asked the media to stop referring to him as Indian American. Frankly it’s not a surprise that Americanized Indians choose to be republicans. We mostly like conventional norms, have a bit too much regard for tradition and embrace progress only when it can accommodate all our restrictions. We believe in standing tall and standing strong and hence believe in getting the foundation perfect; yes perfect not just right; before moving to the next level. On the other hand; the picture of democrats appeals somewhat like Tris’s initial description of the Dauntless in Divergent. Fearless and crazy. They are the rebels who keep fighting to change the outlook of the society from its conventional space. They mostly remind me of one of those people who are probably well educated; keeps calculating variables and all of a sudden springs up and says “Let’s do it!”. So ya, hungry for progress but delayed by fears of disasters that encircle the rest of the society. So basically,Democrats build planes and Republicans make sure there are parachutes. And it’s nice to watch them take turns. Like those fashion trends that go retro once it’s drained out and then jumps back into something too novel to accept. But like I said; this time it’s different. Hillary Clinton seems too familiar to the world of politics and has always been in the limelight for as far as we can recall. But when Donald Trump won the republican ticket, the first question on my mind was,” Wait, Donald Trump? Isn’t that the guy on that show…….God I forgot its name. You now he kept saying ‘you are fired’. Oh! The Apprentice.” And I was like- interesting; the republicans are finally breaking convention. Looks like they have chosen a businessman over all the politicians they’ve got! And then came the presidential debates and other speeches which included some serious mud flinging. Seriously guys, India is the world’s Largest democracy and we fail to see this much action here, unless it’s a bit dramatized, thanks to our media. And it’s amazing how America, the country that has pushed for liberalization throughout the world actually roots for somebody with such a temperament. Hillary Clinton on the other hand has a lot of allegations against her. And most people say, the reason they are going to vote for Hillary is because she is a woman. Yes, just because she is a woman; and people find this absurd. Honestly, I believe what they mean is she is a fighter. She has fought her entire life. From being the First Lady who did not sit at home to being a Senator to the Secretary and now to the Presidential Candidate. And because it’s Hillary, you downplay it. Because you probably knew at the back of your head that she’s got all what it takes since the time you first saw her on television. But to women around the world, this is a great accomplishment. There might be countries around the world that provide education to women but nobody escapes from the claws of silent discrimination we face every single day. And over the years, one half of the human race has fought with the other to acquire change in various aspects of what must be classified as norm and what must be considered as abuse. And I believe that is how I would describe Hillary. Well that’s how Trump defined Hillary. And that’s how the world sees Hillary. The fighter. Somebody who keeps fighting no matter what. And though we can initiate and prolong a debate so as to reach a precise description of a fighter covering all dimensions; there is one quality they possess. They are not going to run away when they see troubled waters. So this Presidential election the world watches America as it votes. Good Luck! And we hope you choose right.