I married into a Jewish family. I joke that I had to marry a Jewish guy from New Jersey to make sure I didn’t marry a cousin because I am somehow related to ¾ of the Midwest.

My husband’s last name, Zucker, is German for “Sugar.” It fits him perfectly, I might add.

His father’s family immigrated to the United States in the final years of the 19th century when they were just teenagers. Solomon, my husband’s Great Grandfather, came from Bolehkiv, which has been part of Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Germany, and Austria at different times in its history. …

Indivisible 14 congratulates all of the individual groups of Indivisible from across the country for their many and continuing acts of resistance.

  • Together we stood tall as we spoke out in support of the Affordable Care Act and let Congress know that they cannot take healthcare away from 24 million people.
  • We let the Senate know that we did not want perfunctory hearings about Cabinet nominees and cheered as Democrats asked tough question, made speeches and persisted in their resistance to these often inappropriate choices.
  • We marched, demonstrated, made phone calls, brandished signs and sent emails and faxes announcing our…

Indivisible has joined with many others in calling for Congress to demand that President Trump release his tax returns. I think that we have long passed being concerned about whether or not he pays any taxes, what we should be concerned about are his business dealings.

The American public needs to know who Trump does business with and to whom he owes money.

Many business people and associates of his have been involved in dealings across the world including with both Russia and China.

The American public needs to understand clearly the divisions between the interests of Trump and his…

This week, I have been feeling pretty hopeless about my activism.

You know those dreams where you are running and you are moving really slow? Or you try to scream and nothing comes out? That’s what this week in this administration feels like. Drowning in scandals that no one who can do anything seems to see. I felt tired and defeated.

And then Trump said this:

“So what’s going on with autism?” Trump asked. “When you look at the tremendous increase, it’s really such an incredible — it’s really a horrible thing to watch, the tremendous amount of increase. …

When someone knocks on my door they are usually trying to sell me something.

I do not fear that knock because I was born here and have all the rights of an American citizen.

If someone is in the country without legal documents, that knock could bring fear. A mother could be arrested and deported without being able to say good bye to her children or arrange for their safe care. A father seized at his workplace could be unable to pick up the paycheck which could provide for his family as he was taken away.

The immigration service known…

So now that you signed up for Indivisible — what is next?

Were you energized and empowered as you recently marched or visited elected officials in their offices?

Are you disheartened because you wrote letters, sent emails and made phone calls and Betsy DeVos was still confirmed as the Secretary of Education? No matter that she is uniquely unqualified and required the vote of the Vice President to get through the Senate.

She is not the first billionaire who was chosen because she has made political donations to the party in power and she will not be the last — that is until we, as a major public presence, can effect changes…


We are the Maryland Legislative District 14 Chapter of the nation-wide Indivisible movement. We are all up in their grill.

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