Went to go reach out to FAM North Oakland/Bishop’s district today and met some outstanding people there, a few who will be helping us in a major way (more on that to follow). We are about where they are organizationally. The evolution of our organizational capacity isn’t so inept as I previously thought. I just think that we’re all still in the nascent stages of formation and it’s going to take more time to develop chemistry as a team. They had about 40 people at their meeting, and it was similar to ours in general. On a quick personal note I also left with a freezing, starving cat, which we named Indivisible, and if it’s okay, I would like it to be our team mascot, as it’s personality embodies what this movement is about : )

There is an opposition action Monday at 12pm in Troy at Trott’s office. The organizers have spoken to the police and have coordinated the logistics. The organizer has an extensive political background and has worked with major campaigns. This action, this showing of peaceful resistance, regards the ACA. It will be different than last Tuesday, as we won’t be trying to get 100 people into the office directly. The action will take place on the sidewalk, a showing of resistance to the idiocy of removing the ACA when there are more intelligent ways for the government to function for the best interests of the people it is supposed to represent. I hope to see as many of you that can be there as possible. The event info is attached.

There is some controversy that I feel it’s necessary to address. An individual in our group called me on the phone when I was on the way to the middle of the woods for that meeting, saying someone else in the group was telling them to leave our group and go into their own district group, quite aggressively, in a message. This individual said they just wanted to help where they could maximize the usage of their talents. They said they didn’t really feel welcome and didn’t want to be involved if that was how we operate. I assured this individual that they most certainly are welcome and that this is not a reflection of the conduct of our group as a whole.

This movement, it doesn’t belong to anybody. It’s not a dictatorship. This particular individual who felt hurt and offended is an extremely valuable asset to our operation (which is irrelevant, no one should be chastised for desiring to help us), as they have highly specialized skills we need in order to accomplish our goal. I spoke on this issue to our allies up north and they overwhelmingly agreed.

Just because someone doesn’t live in a particular Gerrymandered district cos’ they’re not white enough to be drawn into the line, that doesn’t mean that their resources and skills are not highly useful in Republican turf in a great number of ways. If people prefer to stay in their own district, that’s outstanding, if they would prefer to expend their energies and use their talents where the threat is, then that’s great, too. This is a personal choice of each individual, and no one should be telling our members to leave the group. People should feel encouraged to help us if they live in a safe district, but mainly people should make their own decisions for themselves, and not have a tyrant trying to control others personal choices. You sound like Trump and Republicans. You know who you are. Please stop. People are free to make their own choices for themselves.

We potentially have another credible press contact. The goal is to exchange information about press contacts and things of that nature freely with other groups working in other districts so that we all may benefit. If anyone wants to be involved with the press team, we could use some help there. Email me at 3vitate@gmail.com, and I will get you in our plans.

We need leaders. We have a ton of energy in the group. One member decided to take the lead on forming Twitter action plans #WheresDaveTrott. We could be doing call campaigns, so if anyone wants to lead that team, that would be outstanding. We need people who can track the votes in Washington so we can mobilize to call/act when necessary.

One of our members gave me some great intelligence. It needs to be confirmed still. We might know where Trott is. www.WheresDaveTrott.com. We may have found the bastard. This plan will need to be highly precise so that we know exactly what the hell we are doing, as it’s going to be quite disruptive if it happens. So we need to take all precautions to ensure safety and peace while we exercise our rights under the first amendment . The goal is to make Trott look bad, to rewrite the narrative of the press, and so the plan here would be to mobilize where he is located and pepper him with town hall style questions and/or protests. I only feel comfortable talking about this on the phone, by email, or in person. This all comes directly out of the Indivisible Guide, reference the page where they mention the representative doing a public event with the press there.

We need a team that can track votes in congress. I have been working on this organizing and to reach out to everyone I can so we are ready to act professionally, in accordance with the guide, when the time is right.

Michigan United will be holding a training seminar for direct actions this Saturday at 10am. Ah, that’s in a few hours, early risers. I’ll be at the 9th district Democratic Convention at that time, but I would encourage you to go if you are interested in learning how to peacefully protest in a highly organized and structured way.

Eventually we are going to have to do our direct actions on our own. The People’s Campaign isn’t going to hold our hand for two years. So we need to learn from what they do so we can be as efficient and effective as they are.

Two of our group members are working on getting non partisan redistricting on the ballot. This is one of the most important things there is. If we don’t win the governorship, we are going to be further locked out of our democracy for another ten years, and so I would encourage anyone who wants to help with ending Gerrymandering to team up with them. Email me and I can lead you in the right direction if you aren’t aware.

www.WheresDaveTrott.com now has a section to enter your email address for future updates to stay engaged, so please do check back. I am going to be passing out fliers next week for this mission. If anyone wants to help with this, that would be excellent (I can get you the fliers), we need to go all over the district and spread the word as much as possible to raise awareness, because this has the potential to make the front page of the New York Times, if we can get it marketed correctly. the goal is to keep this mission as nonpartisan as possible.

The 8th district Indivisible team plans to meet every few weeks. I think that this is a good idea as well as we further organize this into a viable, functional operation.

There will be further updates on direct actions soon as they become known and available.

We need leaders to step up, don’t be shy, 99.9% of us are extremely nice people. Don’t be shy ever to speak up and share your ideas or ask questions!

Also, shout to to those working behind the scenes without fanfare. Thank you thank you thank you.