what does non-hierarchical collaboration look like?

Here is a story that demonstrates two things. First, it is a story about organizing a project for a specific group of people, and realizing that group is more than just a demographic. Second, it is a story about successfully designed teaching — albeit dependent upon those teachers for its success.

Last weekend (May 2016) I drove to visit my parents in the next state over. They’re incredibly active people who impress the hell out of everyone with their energy at the ages of 86 and 75. Dad builds airplanes as a hobby (you might have seen his work in one of my presentations) and Mom is a weaver and fiber artist. And the two of them collect and refurbish Nickel Age cars. Every Saturday they are involved in a charity project where a group of folks are teaching kids how to build a plane. Yes, a real one, that a pilot can fly. …

A webinar for Waggl Thought Leadership

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View from Rainbow Tunnel

This webinar builds awareness of cognitive bias when it comes to being “data-driven,” and clarifies the differences between the problem space and the solution space. …

This is what I mean by empathy. I tried thinking like Daren would think.

At at recent workshop, I conducted a spontaneous listening session as a demonstration of what I mean by “create a scope perimeter within which any conversation can happen.” …

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