Is it time for unleashing the power of Vagina Monologues in India? May be,May be not. But we are almost there.

Every year, we celebrate the International Women’s day on March 8th and personally, I find this day as a celebration of accepting woman as an individual who can decide and act on her own will.

In 2014, when I did my first (and only one, so far) Vagina Monologue as part of International Women’s day and V-day celebration at University for Peace, Costa Rica, it was a liberating moment for me. As I talked on vagina and sex (in the most cryptic and vague manner), it was a slap on the society that raised me to hush myself from asking…

Conversations on World Mental Health Day

As October 10th — the World Mental Health day, 2018 is here, Emerge Voice talks with Pran Nath, from Pran Care Foundation on Early detection and coping with mental health difficulties in children.

“Children are our future. Through well conceived policy and planning, governments can promote the mental health of children, for the benefit of the child, the family, the community and society.” (WHO, 2005)

Mental Health Literacy on prevention of mental health issues and promotion of well being is quintessential to promote overall well being and to prevent social stigma and discrimination. This is overwhelmingly true in the case of child mental health care.

Legally Speaking, The Mental Health Act, 2017 of India puts the onus on government to plan, design and implement programmes for the promotion of mental health and prevention…

Examining the pattern of response of Vatican and Dioceses in church related sex abuse.

Kerala, India: On 21/09/2018, one more Bishop was arrested who is accused for repeatedly raping a nun for two years from 2014. Globally, this is not shocking as the global Catholic sexual abuse incidents are piling up. But, in India, the accused Franco Mulakkal is the first catholic Bishop (removed Bishop of Jullundur) to be arrested for sexual abuse.

The victim nun reported the abuse in letters to the Dioceses from early on and later to apostolic nuncio to India in January and June 2018. …

One month back, the State of Kerala situated in the southern part of India saw the most tragic flooding situation in nearly a century. In July 2018, the unusual monsoon brought heavy rainfall in Kerala. Heavily affected regions like Idukki district received up to 89% more than normal annual rainfall level. Due to such continuous heavy rains in catchment areas, the dams in Kerala also filled up to their maximum capacity. This led to an unprecedented situation where the Government of Kerala was forced to open 33 dams at once. This escalated the heavy rain into a large scale flooding…


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