Visit Gujarat At Popular Festival Of Rann Utsav

The popular tourist destination, Gujarat in India, is culturally different and offers historically as well as spiritual spots to visit that are unique. Located on the western side of India, the state has taken an oldest important port. When you consider taking a trip with your friends and family, Gujarat could be the most amazing place for you. This state is offering marvelous attractions like beaches, beautiful gardens, historical forts and palaces, wildlife sanctuary, ancient mosques, holy shrines and many more, these all are available to choose at best Gujarat tour packages.

Throughout the year, there are celebrated several fairs & festivals, Rann Utsav is one amidst the most popular festivals that celebrated 15th December to 31st January yearly. If you have wanted to experience this wonderful state, so don’t forget to visit this festival. On the occasion, you can be seen the great colorful cultural look of Gujarat and the endless list of traditions by taking through the Gujarat tour packages. The festival was organized in Rann of Kutch, which located in the Thar Desert. Covers an area of 7505.22 square kilometers. This wonderful place is known as the largest salt desert in whole country.

There are several holiday resorts available that making easier for tourist to stay, who’s come here from far to gotten enjoy of the festival at Gujarat tour. The Rann Utsav festival is celebrated by Gujarat tourism authorities only for ones who come to visit this rich vibrant and culturally state of India, which shows the great essence of the tradition of the country. At the small shops of the festival, you can be getting an amazing experience the creativity and innovation of the craftsmen and artisans of India. There is also faced with the folk dance, music and a common view of the wide range of groups and communities. The natural parts of Kutch are also attract people who come here to be part of the festival.

The wonderful carnival is filled with fun of music, dance, arts, crafts, architecture, people and nature. For the good remembrance of the festival, you can buy the various types of handmade items in unusual exhibitions with coming at top Gujarat tour packages. If you come to visit the festival Rann of Kutch, don’t miss to visit the amazing wildlife sanctuary. In the sanctuary you will be exploring to see the Desert Fox, chinkara, wolf, black buck, jackal, elephant, zebra and striped hyena for a beautiful experience. The colorful birds like bustards, larks, swans and Hubra are the major attraction for tourists who visiting Rann. Even see the large group of the reptiles like snakes, tortoise, and lizards at the popular Rann of Kutch, which couldn’t be see anywhere in India.

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