What To Look For In a Printer

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We like to keep it simple. So when we talk about printers (which we love to do) we tend to cut out the jargon and give you the simple facts.

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What should you be looking for in a printer

If it’s only an odd job, and by that I mean, you don’t print every day. Say, once a week perhaps, then this is for you. Little things like kids photos, coupons, vouchers, tax receipts and so on.….then this is the printer for you. It’s really just a printer for text type documents — and so a mono printer is all you really need.

So, the burning question“Should I buy an inkjet printer or buy a laser printer?”. Laser printers cost more up front than an inkjet printer. But laser printers cost you less over time as the toner is cheaper. Another benefit of laser printers is the lack of stress. You don’t get clogged machines, cartridges getting stuck and the bigger capacity cartridges mean you get to print double the amount of pages as you would with an ink cartridge. They are faster too. Not to mention producing a crisper, cleaner print job.

Are laser printers worth it?

Money. Why does it invariably come back to the mighty dollar. If you need to print in colour and are short of cash, buy an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers are the better option when it comes to printing affordable, quality colour print jobs. Think high quality photos, posters, glossy images for magazines and so on. If you are looking for scanning options, a good copier and all in one printer with multiple features then I can recommend an inkjet printer.

Affordable printers

Cost. That’s what it comes down to. Our research has shown that price beats all when it comes to choosing a printer. Not just the initial outlay. But the actual cost per page. The other factors people consider are the amount of maintenance. It’s not often you get all three boxes ticked but there are simple office printers out there that can offer quality print jobs.

Printerexpress have a wide variety of black and white laser printers at affordable prices. These come with high spec features and don’t skimp on quality. The finish is comparable to the best inkjet printers out there. The printer selection covers colour, black and white, laser, inkjet printers with multi-function features that offer crisp text, fast speeds and glossy colour. All the crucial features you have come to expect from a high quality printer.