Let’s Cook: Dum Aloo

Step 1.

Boil potatoes in a vessel (not pressure cooker) with salt till it becomes soft enough.

Let it cool down and remove it’s skin.

Step 2.

Oil, jira, rai and hing. Add potatoes (without skin) along with salt and haldi. Roast them on slow flame.

Step 3.

Cut onion and make it’s paste in a blender with a green chili and ginger.

Step 4.

Oil, hing, jira and rai. Saute onion paste from step 3 till it becomes brown.

Step 5.

Add a bit of garam masala, dhana-jira powder, haldi, chili powder, salt to this brownish onion paste. Let it cook for 5 more minutes till the oil leaves surface.

Step 5.

Add paste of two tomatoes to it. Cook until it leaves oil on surface.

Step 6. Add thus prepared onion + tomato paste to roasting potatoes. Add little water.

Let this cook for 10 more minutes.

That’s it.

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