Kamakhya Temple

On the top of the beautiful Nilachal hills in Guwahati, Assam, there is a oldest Shakti Peetha named Kamakhya temple. It had been built in reverence to Goddess Kamakhya or Sati, who was one of the numerous incarnations of Goddess Durga or Goddess Shakti. It is one of the oldest of the 51 Shakti Peethas. All around the premise of the main temple, you will find 10 small sized temples dedicated to the 10 avatars of Maa Kali, namely, goddesses Dhumavati, Bagola, Tara, Matangi, Bhairavi, Kamala, Chinnamasta, Bhuvaneshwari and Tripuara Sundari. The temple has sculptured panels which carry depictions of Gods and Goddesses of Hindu pantheon carved in a delightful pattern. number of pigeons have made the temple their home, and loiter around the premise, being fed by the temple authorities and the visitors.

Total length- 3 periods (35 minutes) + 1⁄2 day field trip Target students — 8th Standard Class strength — 30 Apparatus Required — White board, Markers, Projector, Speakers and Computer

Context — The lesson plan is designed for students living in Guwahati and studying in different private schools to learn about their versions of the history of Kamakhya Temple.

Learning Objective — Students will know all the importants events like when the temple was made, destroyed and reconstructed which happened in the history of Kamakhya Temple and generate the local history of the temple.

Lesson Plan

DAY 01(35 minutes)

Ask students what they currently know about Kamakhya temple.


  • Introduce students with the Kamakhya Temple and where it’s situated
  • Play the introductory video.
  • Tell story of Lord Shiva and Parvati
  • Explain Shakti Peethas
  • The Shakti Peetha is a place of worship consecrated to the goddess Parvati or Sati.
Map of kamakhya temple
Introduction to Kamakhya temple

QUIZ is based on the presentation.

What is the name of the hill where Kamakhya Temple is situated ?

Ans. Nilachal hills

Beside main temple, how many more small sized temples are there ?

Ans. 10

How many avatars of Maa kali are there in Kamakhya Temple ? Name them.

Ans. 10, namely goddesses Dhumavati, Bagola, Tara, Matangi, Bhairavi, Kamala, Chinnamasta, Bhuvaneshwari and Tripuara Sundari.


Create discussion among students about the festivals that happens in Kamakhya Temple.

  • Ambubachi Mela
  • Durga Puja
DAY 02(35 minutes)


QUIZ is based on the presentation.

Who destroyed the Kamakhya temple ?

Ans. General Sulaiman Khan Karrani.

Who reconstructed the temple and from which dynasty ?

Ans. King Nara Narayana and he was from Koch dynasty.


Students are divided into three groups and assigned with three different activity. Students have to collect photos, videos and talk to the local people and complete the activities.

Group 01 (Roll no 01–10)

Process of worship in Kamakhya Temple.
DELIVERABLE : Step by step process of worship in Kamakhya Temple in a poster form.
REFERENCES FOR TEACHERS : Worship of Kamakhya Temple

Group 02 (Roll no 11–20)

Legends and story related to Kamakhya Temple.
DELIVERABLE : Present legends and story in a ppt format.
REFERENCES FOR TEACHERS : Legends and Story About Kamakhya Temple

Group 03 (Roll no 21–30)

Contribution of different dynasty or government in the development of Kamakhya temple. DELIVERABLE : Present contribution of different dynasty or government in the development of Kamakhya temple in a timline format on a chart paper. REFERENCES FOR TEACHERS : Kamakhya temple timeline

DAY 03


DAY 04(35 minutes)


Open discussion among students and teachers related to their respective topics.


History of Kamakhya Temple

Introduction to Kamakhya Temple

Legends of Kamakhya Temple

Culture of Kamakhya Temple


Students need to make a timeline of all the important events happened in Kamakhya.

Note : Teacher should provide chart papers.


Presentation for class

Students & Teacher’s Handout

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