A tactical approach at helping Uber decide on which countries to enter into

With a raving presence in over 80 countries, Uber is one the world’s most successful mobility service provider.

In this article, we are taking a tactical approach that can aid Uber’s management to decide which countries it can expand to in its upcoming plans.

Assuming, the ultimate goal for Uber is to grow revenues via expansion into different geographies.

  • Profits © = Total revenue- Expenses

The overall focus would be to increase A and keep B as minimum as possible.

The factors taken into consideration are given a significance-rating(high/medium/low) depending on the kind of impact they might have on A/B/C.

Factors that will determine x component :

  • Prospect customer base (High) : Total no. of daily + medium travelers

Factors that will determine component m (cost = time + money ) :

  • Availability and temperament of local players : do they see cab service providing companies as job opportunities or competition (% breakup)

1 — Given a city name, Uber should be able to determine if it shall enter into the city :

2 — Given a set of cities, Uber should be able to prioritise which cities to enter first: The city that earns the highest rating on the below matrix should be chosen first and likewise

Matrix to decide



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