Stopping Points (Life Doesn’t Have Any)

Life doesn’t have any ‘stopping points.’ You can’t sit around and wait and think “I’ll get to it when I have a minute to stop.” It doesn’t work that way.

Life is hard and busy and I do not say this to demotivate anyone. I am not writing this post to say that we aren’t already working hard. Not at all. This is quite the opposite. I am writing this because many of us want to do more, and we are sitting around waiting for a perfect time to start. Perfect doesn’t exist.

Like many, I’m a student. Like many, I also work. Like many, I also am a student leader. Like all of us, I am busy. We’re all busy. All of last year, I thought “I want to do more.” I was in the process of starting W(ft.) (I reference and link to it a lot, check it out, I’ll be doing more and more there soon), was working 20 hours a week, and was keeping up with school work. But I didn’t feel like I was getting enough done. I certainly didn’t feel like I was getting what I wanted to do, done.

I wanted to post on my own Instagram more often and post on W(ft.) more often. I wanted to post material that was more valuable to people and actually helped people. I wanted to make weekly YouTube videos for W(ft.) like I said I would, but never did. I’m not alone. W(ft.) is a team of 3 and we may be expanding our group project soon. Despite that, we didn’t get it done. I didn’t put out a plan of action around it and merely had the abstract notional want of doing more. This wasn’t due to a lack of care or lack of want; this was due to me making the excuse that I was waiting for a stopping point.

I made the excuse “I will get it done, as soon as I get a second to do it. I’ll write up a plan and start working when this week is over. This weekend I’ll have time.” ‘This weekend’ came and went. Next weekend did too. Then I said “At the end of this month I’ll get it done. I’ll write up ideas for videos and learn how to edit.” The end of the month rolled around, and so did midterms. I said that the first of our WEEKLY videos was going to come out in October. October came and went. November came and went. December came and went. Still no videos.

Because stopping points don’t exist. You have to make time and tell yourself that if you want to get something done, you just have to do it. You can’t wait for the weekend, or the end of the month, or for ‘when you have time.’ Life is busy and always will be. You have to go out and do it.

This doesn’t mean don’t plan. This doesn’t mean don’t do research or invest carefully. That’s all a part of it. That counts as ‘doing stuff.’ You need to have a solid idea of what you want to do. You need to have a timeline. The key is developing that timeline and sticking to it, rather than constantly pushing it off and saying “when I have time.” You have to make time, because life doesn’t stop.

This year, I promise weekly videos starting in February. I promise 2 Instagram posts a day over at W(ft.) around the same time. I promise that my content and W(ft.)’s content will get better and more valuable as we go. Lastly, I promise that I will keep blogging. Every day. Even if it annoys my friends (sorry not sorry).

Life won’t stop for you, so don’t wait for it to do so. Go out and do what you want to, and not when you ‘get to it.’

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