May’s 10

The inevitable late post…

Because Team America Can’t touch Team Australia ;)

How do you do it. Keeping up with a simple commitment of posting on the 10th of every month is becoming more and more of a challenge. Kudos to the bloggers, vloggers, twitterers, instagramers, social media-ers who manage to maintain a constant update of content. I definitely have a long way to go.

Here’s my thoughts for the 10 :

  • Australian? Indian? Porque no los dos! — I am now Australian! Well, on paper. According to my vows, “I am now loyal to Australia and its people”. The ceremony was quaint, cosy and welcoming. Atleast now i have a home i can come back to. This is Australia.
Wallace -1
  • I learnt(at least i’ll recognize it when i hear it next) the Australian national anthem and for those wondering, it is not Waltzing Matilda. Which is what i thought for several years of living here. A thousand apologies for that but Advance Australia Fair makes more sense i guess.
  • Passports without visas you say! — I have renewed my indian passport once. I was disappointed once. I was angry once. I was frustrated once. Applying for an Australian passport? Seamless. Oh how i cannot wait to make use of the visa-free travel benefits. If only i could plant that money-tree now…
  • It’s been good settling back into life in Sydney after a couple of months away. Still have an itch to hit the road but that will come. Been catching up with everyone and hearing what i’ve missed out on. Not much has changed except, well — me.
  • Still trying to make the most of the butt-end of summer, getting back into going out and trying to get some sea urchins snails. We’ve been looking into spots to get lobsters, ambitious perhaps but makes for some tricky free-diving shenanigans.
Little Beach — Quite a walk in from the train station.
  • Went on a camping trip where we hopped on a train and just headed off ass far as we felt like. Got of at a spot called pretty beach which lead us to Little beach. Found an amazing camping spot on a beach. A weekend well spent.
  • Car is down so been harder to get around but hoping to fix that up in the coming weeks. Opened up the Engine cover and got to have a sneak at this!
Honda CR-V
  • Climb, climb, climb. Trying to make it a habit of getting in 3 days a week. It’s tricky but been good so far.
Sneaky shot on Belay. Don’t try this at home kids.
  • Happy Mothers Day! — Much love to all the Mothers who have brought us to where we are. It isn’t something we celebrate much but i would have loved to be with you Maa and baba as it coincides with your anniversary too. Missing you.
Reppin’ for the Roys. An oldie from 2014.
  • Finally got around to making a little video on my trip through Argentina. I thought about having a soundtrack but i realised that the videos captured some of the essence of my trip. The roaring wind, muffled chatter and the crunch of footsteps made for a more interesting soundtrack than a musical masterpiece. Well, sure could do with a bit more practice on the video editing side.
Argentina, Te extrano mucho.

The more i think about it, I can’t wait to get back to South America. There is so much more i want to do and potentially contribute. Time to think of more sustainable ways to get a round.

Vamos Pronto!