A Call for a PATH to Sanity

Many casual visitors ooh and ah over the new World Trade Center Transportation Hub and its centerpiece the Oculus. But if you listen to the 250,00 daily commuters (like me) who travel through the hub daily or the visitor who is trying to navigate the system, you hear a completely different story; a story of frustration and helplessness that there is nothing that the users of the system can do to influence change. Or can they?

I am putting out a call to action to all users of the PATH system.

Whenever you have a frustrating moment on the PATH due to poor space design of any station, snap a picture and post it on Instagram with a #PATHtoSanity hashtag. And if you have a suggestion to solve the problem include it in your post.


At the very least, this initiative will give us an outlet for our frustration, create empathy for our fellow commuters and remind us that we are a community unified by a sometimes maddening environment.

At the most, PATH will take note of our suggestions and make changes to the environment that positively impact us all.