Larry is Just Like Me!

Most everyone knows how terrible it feels when someone excludes you because they only want to be surrounded by people just like themselves.

When I am in this situation not only do I feel terrible about myself, I feel powerless to change things. That is until I remember that the other person (let’s call him Larry) is just like me!

Larry wants to be happy, just like me. He wants to be healthy, feel safe, be successful, just like me… The list can go on and on.

Now, when Larry leaves me out, I can arm myself with that understanding and enter into a more skillful dialogue by discussing the with the things that we have in common.

He may never include me, but being able to see how much we share is rewarding enough!

The first person to introduce me to the “just like me” practice was Mirabai Bush, contributor to so many amazing programs, including Google’s Search Inside Yourself mindfulness program. To hear her teach the “just like me” practice, check out the audio version of Working With Mindfulness here:

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