After having a baby parental decisions of loosing excessive “baby fat” is on the top of every mother’s agenda including new mom Alisa J.

Alisa J reveals tremendous new routines you wont believe as what she calls “my normal supplement to my new healing” canvassing “New Me New Mommy”.

Instagram Socialist and Former Twerk Diva Alisa J known as “Kat” welcomes her first born son on April 4, 2016 eta 4:44 a.m. naming him baby EJ at kick ass 26 years old.

“Hiding my pregnancy wasn’t my thing” Alisa J explains “I never hid my pregnancy I planned for my baby to be a surprise rather how good or bad the propaganda was going to be I focused on what was best for me"

Now full time mom Alisa J routines her itinerary healing herself from hurt and negligence transpiring her potential as new aka ake “mom dukes".

“EJ enlighten my world” Alisa explains as her son is her new main focus along side canvassing fitness mom.

“Every day between my schedules i train my body in zumba ab, butt and obliques within 25 to 30 minutes. I think people expected for me to be out of shape after my pregnancy but no (Alisa chuckles) not going to happen”.

I sat with Alisa J in a confidential meeting conversing past experiences and her new plans, I was intrigued. Before me I felt the embrace of her woman essence which blossomed into a mothers touch — there sat a diva with a sheen red cut bob in a modern conservative dress fostering a life at her Genesis.