Dear Love

A soldier’s letter

Indu KS

Dear Love,

It’s getting pretty lonely around here without you.

Everyday it’s the same thought, will I die today?

I’m scared and I want to come home to you.

Sometimes it gets so lonely, I end up crying.

Sometimes I feel empty; I feel nothing at all,

And sometimes there this unbearable urge to just stop all of this madness and come home and spend my afternoons with you.

Everyday it’s the same feeling,

A feeling that I’m missing something important.

I’m missing you.

And I can’t help but remember all our good days together.

I remember our vacations and our picnics,

I remember how beautiful you looked in your pretty summer dress,

I remember your father telling me he would break my legs if I broke your heart,

I remember how you laughed when I got scared of his threat,

I remember how we spent our entire evening sitting on the trunk of my car and talking about everything and nothing.

I remember how I felt when you fell asleep on my shoulder

I remember how you cried when I was leaving.

I remember the distance slowly increase between us, and you still stood on the platform for I don’t know how long,

And I remember standing on the edge of the train door and fighting back my tears.

And during the hard days these are the memories that keep me alive

these are the memories that keep me sane.

Dear Love,

I hope I will come back to you,

I hope we will live the life we dreamed of when we were young and stupidly in love,

I hope I can give you the life I dreamt of giving you

I hope we live happily like we dreamed.