Roller Coaster

I had a ride in a roller coaster the other day and the guy in charge told me to "hold on tight". 
The ride started slow and it was fun too, but then as we slowly went up, my heart began racing.
And then we reached the peak and for a second everything seemed fine. Then it plummeted to the ground at a few hundred miles an hour and some people started screaming. Someone was begging it to stop, and some people threw their hands up in the air and laughed. 
And me, well I did exactly what the guy had told me to do: I held on tight. I didn’t scream, I didn’t shout for it to stop, I didn’t even breath. I observed all kinds of people on that ride and I realized that it is true when they say that life is a roller coaster ride. 
Just like the ride, we start slow. We enjoy things in the beginning, everything is beautiful. And then we gradually move up in life - graduation, job, a person we love and then for a second everything seems perfect then we start plummeting to the ground. 
Kids, rent, loans, no time for yearly vacations, mid-life crisis, and it is at this time we get to know what kind of a person we are. 
You can be the person who starts screaming and crying or you could be the person who begs everyone and no one in particular to make it stop. Or you could be the person who threw their hands in the air and laugh through the whole thing. 
Or you could just close your eyes, and hold on tight and hope that it will all end soon. 
In anyway, we enjoy life in our own weird manner and no matter what, sooner or later this awesome roller coaster ride called life is gonna end and when that happens you can look back and see how far you’ve come, and you will wish you could have a ride one more time and correct the mistakes you’ve made, but then you realize that probably you’d do the same things all over again.

So you stop hoping for another chance and try to give advice to the people yet to have a ride on how to deal with the highs and lows of life.
And all you can do is hope the person follows your advice.

— Indu.