What a song can do

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The soft evening sun light — a beautiful mix of pink and orange hits my face, the stagnant smell of rain tickles my nose buds, I smile, put down my coffee and open my window.

The wind fills my hair and makes them dance, with the soft breeze as it’s music. I feel like I’m flying.

Flying across the seas, across the woods, above castles, meeting dragons and phoenixes along the way, I fly far above this world,above my problems, I’m breaking through all my walls.

The wind washes away my sorrows, my heart beats faster, I feel a wonderful feeling of unbearable happiness, I feel a tear run through my cheek and fall gently on to the ocean below. For a minute everything feels okay, everything feels beautiful; there’s no one in this world except me and the sun and the moon.

I open my eyes and watch the sun set, it leaves behind a silver lining; a promise that it will rise again tomorrow.

This is the song that made me feel like I was flying. Let me know how you like it.

The Lumineers — Patience
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