The Ultimate International Travel Guide for Indians

Indians are known for their prolific travelling. Not only within the country, but foreign travel also. Since ancient times, trade and commerce has made Indians travel to distant lands, and settle. With the coming of the British, and other European powers, new destinations for travel opened up.

Bollywood, one of the leading film industries in India, is directly responsible for creating wanderlust in Indians. The dazzling outdoor shooting locations in Switzerland, Spain, Vienna, and other destinations, opened up newer and newer places for Indians to travel.

With the recent boost in tourism marketing of the South East Asian countries, foreign travel has become an affordable option for many. With more and more Indians choosing foreign destinations for honeymoons, and family vacations, the need for unique destinations is ever increasing.

Top Six Upcoming Foreign Destinations for Indians

Switzerland, Thailand, and Singapore, have become done and dusted destinations for most Indian travellers. There is the search for newer and more exciting places to visit. Let’s take a look at the top six upcoming foreign destinations, that have been making a buzz in the Indian travel community.


One of the most romantic destinations in the world, France has been causing quite a buzz among Indian travellers lately. Earlier considered to be out-of-bounds for the average Indian tourist, France, of late, has become one of the top choices for foreign travel.

This may have something to do with the fact that, it has been the setting for numerous recent blockbuster movies. Or maybe, its just the irresistible appeal of Paris, with its fabulous history, culture, cuisine, and fashion.


The top pick for any honeymooning couple, Greece is resplendent with beauty and heritage. The vibrant blue roofed and white washed houses of Santorini, or the luxurious beaches of Mykonos — take your pick for a truly hedonistic holiday.

This Mediterranean destination, is home to one of the oldest civilisations of the world. Athens, with its ancient monuments and architecture, is perfect for history buffs. The fantastic climate, and mouthwatering delicacies, have made Greece, one of the most preferred foreign travel destinations for Indians.


Located in Sothern Europe, Italy is rich in culture and history. It has the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it the ultimate destination for lovers of history and culture. Once the site of the mighty Roman Empire, Italy today is known as a leader in fashion and sophistication.

Italian cuisine, is a delectable experience for the foodies. The focus is on using fresh, organic, and local produce, to make delicious dishes, that will make you want to stay back forever. Italian peopleare warm, hospitable, and very fashionable.

Milan, Venice, Genoa, and the Tuscan countryside are some of the destinations preferred by the Indian travellers to Italy.


Overlooked till very recently, Russia has recently become one of the favourite foreign destinations for Indian travellers. This geographically diverse land is rich in history, culture, traditions, and folklore. The vast expanse of Russia, presents a huge diversity of destinations to choose from.

The fascinating Trans Siberia Railway, one of the longest railway routes in the world, is a favourite attraction for Indians. From the opulent architecture of St. Petersburg, and Moscow, to the tranquil natural beauty of Lake Baikal, Russia has something for everybody.

Sri Lanka

So close to home, the island country of Sri Lanka, has only recently become a favourite for the Indian travellers. Lush green surroundings, coupled with pristine beaches and exotic flora and fauna, makes Sri Lanka one of the top picks for the Indian tourists.

Galle, Anuradhapura, Colombo, and Kandy are the places that are most favoured. The spicy cuisine, and balmy weather, makes for an excellent relaxing getaway for those looking for a nearby getaway. Colombo is only a few hours by flight, and connected via a number of flights from the major cities in India.

Czech Republic

Emerging out of the erstwhile Soviet Bloc, Czech Republic is a land of exquisite beauty, and culture. Quaint medieval towns, warm and freindly people, and beautiful landscapes, makes this country one of the top upcoming foreign destinations for Indians.

Usually clubbed together with other neighbouring European countries, Czech Republic is also preferred by travellers as a standalone destination.

Prague, with its splendid examples of Gothic, Renaissance, and Modernist art and architecture, is the most preferred destination in the country. Other lesser known, but equally breathtaking places to visit include Cesky Krumlov, Olomouc, Karlovy Vary, and so on.

Common Misconceptions Indians have about foreign travel

It is recently that the trend for foreign travel, has grown among Indian travellers. Even then, there are many perceptions that they have about it. Lets have a look at some of the common misconceptions that Indians have about foreign tours.

You need to have lots of money to plan a foreign tour — This is not true. There are many budget destinations that you can choose from. If you plan well in advance, and look for good deals, you can easily plan a budget trip.

Indian / vegeterian food is not available — Again, not true. There are a good deal of Indian resturants available in most countries outside of India. But then again, trying out the local cuisine, is half the fun of exploring a new destination.

Foreign people don’t treat Indians well — Even though there have been isolated incedents, the majority of local people across the world are warm and hospitable to tourists, Indians or otherwise. In many countries, tourism forms the backbone of the economy. Just like in India, in most cultures, the guests are considered to be Gods.

Language Barrier — Most people across the world have basic working knowledge of English. Even if you don’t know the local language, it won’t be a major hindrance to your travels.

Important tips to keep in mind when travelling abroad

· Check your visa for proper validity. Make sure you have the correct visas required for all your destinations.

· Know your forex limits. Keep your money in separate areas in your luggage.

· Make sure you have travel insurance

· Keep your passport on your person at all times. Also keep copies of your passport handy.

· Make a note of your hotel’s address and phone number, and keep it with you when you go out.

· Learn about the culture and tradition of the place you are visiting, before you reach. This way you can save yourself from getting into embarassing situations.

· Take all necessary medication with you.

· Always carry some amount of local cash

· Bring some snacks for times you don’t feel like eating the local cuisine

Happy travelling!