Which Natural Mineral Water is Right for You?

If you are thirsty, there is nothing to drink like ice cold water, but so many options of natural mineral water in the market. So, it is very difficult to choose which mineral water is best. There are few different brands of natural mineral water like Aquafina, Dasani, Nestle Pure Life, Indus Pride-Natural mineral water etc. But you have to decide from these brands according to quality level, prices, The flavor, taste, ability to quench your thirst and feeling in your mouth.

You should know about differences in types of water and the distinct characteristics of certain brands. Whether you are looking for healthiest mineral water, cleaned water, or another one which has great taste. I will help you to find the just right mineral water for you.

Spring, Mineral, Purified: What’s best?

Have you any idea about spring, mineral and purified water, and also know the differences between purified and distilled, sparkling or mineral? It can be confusing for you. Each water type has distinct quality and differences that can affect the flavor.

Some differences and distinct, filtration process for water cleaning these are some labels to know about water. Here are some common options, I am explaining here.

Spring Water

We get spring water from natural springs that from underground. This water flows naturally on earth’s surface from where people collect it in the bottles. It contains various types of minerals, gives distinct taste. It is filtered many times and filtration process occurred step by step. This type of water doesn’t contain chlorine.

Purified Water

Instead of source of water, this term is described how water is got and prepared. It can come from any source. Methods used to filter water include deionization, reverse osmosis and distillation. No matter what process is used to filter this type of water, it must meet the standards of purified water. It will be a good option for you when you feel hydrated.

Distilled Water

It is processed to kill microbes and to remove minerals. It is a type of purified water. The water is boiled and it turns to steam after removing impurities. It may have a flat taste due to lack of minerals.

Mineral Water

As the name suggest, This type of water typically contains various types of minerals. To qualify the label, the water must get from the groundwater resources and must have at least 250 parts per million of dissolved solids. Indus Pride-natural mineral water is the best example of this type of water.

Sparkling Water

You may think that this type of water is just regular use water with adding carbonation. Some natural carbonation is sometimes lost during filter process. Natural mineral water manufacturers in India, can add much carbon dioxide to the water for amount equality.