Tips To Rightly Maintain Your Automatic Gate

Jorge Carter
Sep 21, 2017 · 3 min read

A brand new automatic gate undoubtedly adds that aesthetic appeal and style statement to your home or driveway but maintaining this smart gate could be a challenge. If you wish your driveway automatic gate systems continue to work flawlessly as it did on the day of installation then you will have to follow certain maintenance tips that are mentioned below:

Keep a Visual Check

· After you install automatic gate systems, it is important to keep a visual check on regular intervals. You must keep an eye over the metal racks, chain-belt, dents in penal, electric connection, rollers and bearings, gate opener etc.

· Check if all the bolts are screwed tightly placed, if you find any loose bolts holding cables, don’t try to fix it on your own it may worsen the situation, call for the appropriate service provider.

· Look for visible signs of wear and tear.

· If the gate is made up of wood, check if it requires painting or oiling.

Keep It Clean

Dirt makes even a beautiful thing look shabby, so keeping your gate clean should be of foremost importance. A water hose can do the magic in most cases with a coating of wax afterwards to keep your gate protected with sun and extreme weather conditions. Make sure the water doesn’t enter into the door opener or inner parts when you clean the gate, this may damage it.

Grease It

Anything with moving parts needs to be lubricated regularly to keep it squeaks and rust free. Usually the parts responsible for movement like chain, hinges, roller and pulley should be greased thoroughly to ensure a smooth and friction less functioning of automatic gate. It is recommended to grease the parts every six months.

Remove Pests

Your automatic gate maintenance schedule must be incorporated with pest control as pests are most likely to sabotage the performance of gates. The gates possess electric parts for its functioning and smooth operations but creatures like bees, snails and spiders can damage such parts. Snails and slugs can damage the circuit boards of the gate. Once you encounter the presence of any pest in your gate, you must call professional pest control service provider.

Prevent It from Rust

Dirt accumulation coupled with extreme weather can cause rusting in your automatic gate. You must stay vigilant to look for visible signs of rusting in the metal parts. Rust at the initial stage can be easily removed with washing but once it is grown high, it can cause a significant damage to your gate.

Check the Auto Reverse Function

The auto reverse function of the gate should be check once a month to ensure its smooth and flawless functioning. Check all the electronic functions.


The life and performance of your automatic gate depends on how you maintain it and your willingness to keep it in a good working condition. You need a holistic approach to keep your automatic gate systems in a smooth state. If you don’t have enough time then you can go for a service provider that is reliable, and has expertise in this arena.

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