Convenient and Easier Inspection of Micro Parts with Measuring Microscopes

The measuring microscopes provide convenient and easier inspection of 2D and 3D parts and other small micro parts effectively. The instrument is compact, affordable, and provides a durable and accurate result. The shop microscopes and travelling microscopes fall under the category of measuring microscopes. The device has digital indicators and allowed for use in labs and shops helps in quality control, research & development and inspection tasks. The instrument does not contact the X and Y axis of the specimen or any dimension in the microscope field. Both binocular and trinocular options are available. The device is flexible for upgrading and expansion purpose. This is the excellent solution in case of inspecting 2D and 3D small parts. Labtiger has a wide range of measuring microscopes for performing the tests required for different kinds of applications.

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The measuring microscopes are simple to use, have robust outlook and is used for providing the optical measurement. The tool can view the black or transparent objects. The device has high accuracy and does not need a large investment. The machine is designed to help the users to encourage the inspection capabilities. The tool helps to view the small and intricate parts of a sample that cannot be viewed easily. The viewing head plays a significant role in providing the accurate measurement. The analysis of precision components is enabled with the help of the measuring microscope, which is ideal for different labs and production houses.

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