Medical Science Labs & Research Centers Rely on Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope

The Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope is used to observe the tissue cultures and liquid residues in the special laboratory vessels. The instrument is mainly used for the study of the specimen in transmitted light under bright field and phase contrast. The microscope is rigid, robust, and allows accurate, precise observation of bacteria, cells, tissues etc.

The instrument has a trinocular head to provide the microscopic imaging through video cameras and film cameras. Observation of the specimens in culture vessels of up to 70mm long is easier with long working distance condenser in microscope illumination system. The tool has an advantage for use in histology, cancer research, serology, urology, virology, parasitology, microbiology, etc.

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The Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope has great importance to control the air and water pollution by observing the microorganism and cell growth. The microscope is useful for the environment protection and is also used for finding the biological medicine. The living cell and tissue culture examination are performed with the help of the tool. Labtiger has various options and designs of microscopes for biological observations. For example, the small, handheld tissue cultural microscope has inverted design and is useful to observe the liquid specimens. This is the best observation tool providing precise result and reliability.

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