Places to Visit in Newcastle upon Tyne

If you’re headed to Industry 2015, there are plenty of places to visit whilst you’re in the city. Whether it’s architecture, museums, a castle or incredible coffee shops we’ve got you covered.

Our Bridges

If you head down to the Quayside you’ll be able to visit our many bridges which run along the River Tyne, you can criss-cross across the river walking over all of them including the newest ‘Millenium Bridge’. You could start your journey here… [Google Map].

The Baltic and Sage Gateshead

Two of the most iconic buildings on the south side of the River Tyne are definitely worth visiting. The Baltic has a shop and restaurant on the ground floor, an art show on the next few floor and a restaurant on the top floor. [Google Map]

Our Museums

If you’re here for the week there’s a few different museums within walking distance of the city centre and a few more further afield. The museums in the city centre are The Great North (Hancock) Museum, The Discovery Museum (which hosts a large amount of historical information for Newcastle as well as a whole host of other stuff and the Centre for Life.

Our Castle

You can visit the Newcastle Keep in the centre of Newcastle and start to walk the town wall around the city.

Ignite100 & CampusNorth

We’ll be hosting our ‘Pre-Event’ at CampusNorth on Tuesday evening. Check out the website as they offer hot-desking if you need to work. Drop them an email via their website.


Visit Whosit&Whatsit on the Newcastle Quayside, it’s well worth a visit and ran by @naomisusi. We’ll also be hosting our ‘Post-Event’ after the conference. The Post-Event is a ticketed event. If you have a conference ticket you get access to the post-event.

Restaurants and Bars

Some of the best drinks and food can be found around the Newcastle Quayside, it’s fast becoming the place to go. You can visit Orchid, Hop and Cleaver or my very own favourite The Bridge Tavern for incredible food and drinks.

Incredible Coffee & Tea Shops

For incredible coffee you can visit Quay Ingredient or Pink Lane Coffee. For delightful tea visit the Qualliam Brothers Teahouse.