Global Real Time Location System (RTLS) Market

RTLS is a type of technology that identifies the current location of a target, ranging from a vehicle to an item in a manufacturing plant to a person. Wireless RTLS tags are attached to objects and in most RTLS, fixed reference points receive wireless signals from tags to determine their location. The key driving factor for the growth of this market is the provision for precise asset tracking. However, people are not very keen to adopt the system as they perceive it to be an invasion on their privacy. Government across the globe understand these concerns of the people and are making regulations to protect privacy of people.

This report categorizes the market into four different segments, namely, market by type of product, technology, application, and geography. Based on the product, the market has been classified into Solutions and Verticals. The technology segments Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Active RFID, UWB and others. The applications include Healthcare, Military, Medical, Transportation and others. Based on the geography, the report has been segmented into North America, Europe, APAC, and RoW.

The global RTLS market is estimated to generate revenue amounting to more than $7 billion by 2020 with a CAGR of 20.1%

Developed countries in North America and Europe remain the largest market for the RTLS sales accounting for more than xx% of the total market, followed by the APAC region. China will remain the largest manufacturer of the RTLS products and will also stay as the most important market in the APAC region.

There are the two types of RTLS available in the market deployed according to the type of requirement. Out of these two, Solutions occupied major share in the global scintillator market. The market size and forecast are provided for each of these product types. A detailed qualitative analysis of the factors responsible for driving and restraining growth of the global RTLS market and future opportunities are provided in the report.

This report on the Global RTLS Market identifies many such insights and M&A opportunities, besides providing a detailed analysis of the RTLS market.

There are two variants of Solutions: type RTLS available in the market; Tags and Systems. Out of these two, Systems occupy a major share in the global scintillator market and is estimated to grow with a CAGR of xx% to reach $XXXm by 2020.

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