Intelligent Emergency Response Systems Market

Intelligent emergency response systems in tandem with the communication infrastructure are technology based responder systems which come in to use in times of emergency. Terrorist attacks, earthquakes, floods etc are some of the emergency situations when these systems give an immediate picture to the government and medical responder teams. They also help in sending alerts to a large audience in the region with customized content or directions. These systems in effect can also be called as Emergency response systems.

The Global intelligent emergency response systems market size was around $63bn in 2013 and is expected to reach $118bn in 2018.

Coal mines and other mining centers are the major contributors to the economy of a country and are also the center for highest causalities. These Mining industries are the major contributors to this market as the safety is their main concern. Modern technologies have improved the operational environments for underground miners with many safety measures included along with emergency response teams.

Intrusion response systems are gaining market in the security research. The systems run full diagnosis to optimize the alerts. The technology advancements enabled them to give information on the impact of the attack and damage occurred. These assessments help in avoiding similar threats in future and respond faster. The countermeasure s also can be prioritized accordingly.

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The report gives a detailed segmentation of the market, the major players by each individual product or technology. The market is also segmented by product types, key components used and also by key geographic regions. Market share analysis of the top players is also provided in the report.

This report on the Global Global Intelligent Response Systems Market identifies many such insights and M&A opportunities, besides providing a detailed analysis of the Global Intelligent Response Systems components and equipment market.


· The report segments the market by different product types like perimeter intrusion systems, backup generators, communication, video surveillance and broadcasting systems. It also gives a breakdown by the different types of components like sensors, optical components, wireless chipsets and PLCs.

· Aging response systems across different geographic regions are being updated with the latest state of the art systems to be better prepared for unforeseen emergencies like natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

· GIS or Geographical Information Systems based mapping plays a crucial role in planning of system installations across a given area for monitoring purposes.

· Government and commercial entities are increasingly adopting these systems by understanding the long term benefits of the systems, for protection of assets and insurance claim purposes.

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