Go Natural And Choose To Colour Your Tresses With Organic Indigo Powder

Opt for the vegan method for colouring your tresses with the all natural Indigo Powder for Hair that brings in a revival of the ancient methods of hair colouring. Well, Indigo has always functioned as a natural dye, majorly in the textile industry. It was not before long that Indigo made its mark in the arena of natural hair colours. Being a natural dye, Indigo powder is extracted from the leaves of Indigo plants that bear the scientific name of Indigofera Tinctoria that is known to impart a natural shade of blue in an absolutely natural manner.

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This Organic Indigo Powder apart from being an excellent hair dye of the traditional times comes with a host of added benefits that can be enlisted as under:

• It is 100% Chemical free and contains no Ppd, no ammonia, no added heavy metals or any kind of synthetic fertilisers and Organic Indigo Powder being 100% Herbal causes no damage to the hairs and scalp.

• Indigo powder helps to colour the hairs with a natural blue tint. In addition, this Indigo powder can be experimented for a variety of hues when mixed with henna. Different shades like light brown, medium brown or dark brown and also darker shades of brown, mahogany or black cherry can be obtained which depends on the proportions used of both the said powders. So a variety of shades can be experimented with this all natural Indigo Powder for Hair.

• Being completely natural, Organic Indigo Powder makes for a 100% safe product that is tested to have no side effects and further it causes no skin allergies.

Colouring the hairs with Indigo Powder for Hair is nothing difficult. This all-natural Indigo hair dye involves the following steps to impart colour to your hairs in the most natural way:

• Take substantial amount of the Indigo Powder for Hair and henna as per your requirements. Mix the Indigo hair dye, with or without henna, with warm water in a plastic bowl to get a thick honey like paste.

• Apply the dye evenly on the hairs by taking small sections of it.

• With the help of a shower cap, wrap up the hairs for this helps the colour to develop faster.

• Leave this Indigo hair dye on the hairs at least for 30–45 minutes.

• After 30–45 minutes, rinse it off thoroughly with water.

Being completely herbal this excellent Organic Indigo Powder also makes for a natural solution to cover up the greys effectively.