It Just Takes Three Steps To Colour Your Hair With The Smart Range Of Organic Hair Colour

An Organic Hair Colour makes for an ideal product to colour your hairs. This natural hair colour causes no damage to the scalp and hairs and instead works as the perfect damage repair solution for the scalp and hairs. It makes for an extremely easy application hair colour that can colour your tresses in a quick span of 30–40 minutes and that too in a completely no-chemical manner.

Enriched with the essential goodness of powerful herbs, plant extracts and essential oils, the Organic Hair Colour is known to colour with utmost care for the matter. This certified all natural hair colours with exclusive Organic essence makes for a completely safe product that is suitable on all hair kinds and is devoid of any side effects to be precise.

Take your pick with this all amazing Organic Hair Colour and follow these three simple steps to colour your tresses in a smart manner:

Step 1: Mixing The Organic Hair Colour:

• An Organic Hair Colour comes with its exclusive kit that varies as per the brand of the botanical hair dyes. Following the instructions as per the instruction leaflet, you need to mix the colour as per your requirements.

• The amount of powder that you need to take shall be mentioned in details in the instruction leaflet. In accordance to your requirements depending on your individual hair length and your requirements take the amount as instructed.

• As per the general notions, you need to take the expected amount of the organic hair dye powder in a plastic bowl and mix it with warm water to get a thick, honey like consistency. You can mix the hair dye even with warm black tea for tea is known for its essential benefits for the health of the hairs and works as a natural conditioner.

Step 2: Application of The Organic Hair Colour:

• For best results, apply the Organic hair colour hair pack on clean and moist hairs. Make sure to wash your hairs before application of the herbal hair dye.

• Apply the paste on the moist hairs with a brush, taking small segments of hairs at a time.

• It is best to start from the hairline on the forehead for the application of the Organic Hair Colour.

Step 3: Rinsing of The Organic Hair Colour:

• Leave the dye on the hairs for 30–45 minutes. Rinse it off thoroughly with water and get naturally coloured tresses of added shine and volume.